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Transposing the G Sharp Guitar

G Sharp Guitar Chord Diagrams

On this page you'll find some documents on how to play your G-Sharp Guitar - names of chords and so forth. We do hope that this will prove valuable to you as a player, and - feel free to download and print these out for your own use.

G-Sharp Chord Diagram -               Transposing -        Flyers

Here you can find, and download, a pamphlet that shows you chords payled on the G Sharp Guitar. When tuned to G Sharp regular chords as you know them onyour regular guitar needs to be transposed up to whole steps in order to get the correct key.

Same goes if you would like to tune it to either G or A, as some do, then we're talking one and a half step or a quart step.

Here is a simple diagram on how to transpose your G Sharp guitar with ease. On the left you'll find regular guitar tuning, follwed by G Sharp, then G and also A - depending on your choice. We know that our customers make their own decisions from all the responses we have had back from them.

There is now such thing as wrong or right - what works is up to you to decide. Let your music and your ears be your primary guide  then you can't go wrong.

Here you'll find the flyer describing the G Sharp Lap/Slide Kit. How it in installed is something you can check out in the video on this site that runs you through the routines.

This G Sharp Hard Case flyer shows you our hard case for the G Sharp Guitar. It is a nice way of protecting your guitar in instances were a gig bag will not offer enough protection.


G Sharp Hard Case

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